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EFACEC Competition Event

300 university engineering students competing for a prize in Formula E.

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To organize a competition among engineering universities in Portugal to award a spot on a team sponsored by Efacec for the Formula E. The idea was to create a very informal environment within the university spirit.


In a trendy space, we created a cool atmosphere with bean bags, pallet tables, where the teams gathered to work under the guidance of a coaching team. During the breaks, there were not only fun activities but also important concepts from Efacec were introduced. At the end, the new Formula E was presented on a custom-designed stage. To stimulate the Efacec spirit, we created a zone with food trucks and a gin bar. Throughout the day, a team of graffiti artists created a thematic panel on-site, which was later placed in the client’s facilities. The event ended with a performance by DJ André Henriques, founder of “I Love Baile Funk.”